Wave 2


Further your freediving education and improve your skills with the Molchanovs Wave 2 certification. Building on the foundations of the Wave 1 course, the Wave 2 advanced course dives deeper into breathing, relaxation, equalization, and diving techniques to help you dive deeper and progress safely.

To start the Wave 2 course you will need to have a Wave 1 certification or the equivalent from any other freediving agency and have completed a crossover evaluation with your instructor.

In class, you’ll go into more detail about the effects of deep dives on the human body, and the risks and potential injuries involved. You will also hone your Frenzel equalization skills and be introduced to reverse packing, an essential freediving skill to be able to equalize at depth.

In the pool you will be introduced to the monofin technique and further your dynamic distances. You’ll also build on the no-fins skills from Wave 1, truly practicing the discipline by taking the technique underwater on breath hold.

During open water sessions, you will work on improving your equalization, technique, and body position for constant weight and free immersion dives. You’ll be introduced to and practice free-fall, and take your dives deeper to a maximum of 30 meters. You’ll take your buddying deeper and become a better safety diver for your training and fun dives.

Classroom Session
  • Static 2 min 30 sec
  • DYNB 50m
  • DNF 35m
Open Water Session
  • CWTB & FIM 24-30m
  • CNF 15m
  • CWTB buddying 10-15m
  • Rescue from 15m

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