Wave 1


The Molchanovs Wave 1 certification is your first step towards exploring freediving as a sport. The Wave 1 course introduces you to the fundamental theory and key skills to become a safe freediver and confidently explore the ocean to depths up to 20m.

Each Molchanovs Wave course includes freediving theory, pool skills, and open water skills. To start the course, you will need to be health and able to swim 200 meters.

In the classroom, you’ll discuss and learn the physics that affect freedivers in the water, and the effects of our bodies as we dive on breath hold.

The course continues in the pool where you’ll be introduced to and learn how to safely perform static apnea and dynamic dives. You’ll practice and improve your kicking technique and will be introduced to the no-fins discipline.

Finally, you’ll head to the open water to practice diving to depth. You practice diving down a line, both by pulling (Free Immersion) as well as kicking down (Constant Weight). You’ll learn skills to progress safely in the open water, which includes acting as a buddy or safety diver and performing a rescue.

  • Static Apnea
  • Static Buddying and Rescue
  • Dynamic Bi-fins (DYNB)
  • Introduction to Dynamic No Fins (DNF) technique
  • Dynamic turns
  • Proper and safe weighting for the pool
  • Dynamic Buddying and Rescue
Open Water
  • Safe weighting for depth disciplines
  • Duck Dive
  • Line orientation and body position
  • Free Immersion (FIM)
  • Constant Weight Bi-fins (CWTB)
  • Forward turns
  • CWTB Buddying and Rescue
Pool Requirements
  • 1 min 30 sec static
  • 30m DYNB
Open Water Requirements
  • CWTB & FIM 12-20m
  • CWTB Buddying 6-10m
  • Rescue from 6-10m

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