The Training Center

Freedive Boracay

The Training Center

Freedive Boracay Training Center is Boracay Island’s first and only freediving school, teaching Apnea Total freediving courses.

Apnea Total is an international freediving organization that promotes the Apnea Total Freediving Education System and provides certifications that are recognized worldwide.

The Apnea Total way of teaching focuses on the student. Everyone can learn to freedive and your progress underwater isn’t measured by depth, but by your ability to apply techniques, relaxation, and adapt to the underwater environment. No Exams. Just learning by doing in a safe and fun setting.

Everyone can learn to freedive!

Explore the ocean and look within yourself to discover a whole new underwater world with the help of experienced instructors who will guide you in your Freediving journey. It’s our goal to share our passion and knowledge by teaching Freediving in a safe and enjoyable way – tailoring our program to each individual’s needs to achieve comfort and relaxation underwater.

How we teach

We value the importance of imparting essential information about safety and correct freediving techniques. We value each individual’s learning experience, hence, we only offer a limited amount of slots per course. Moreover, maintaining and providing high-quality equipment to our students/divers is important to us, so that efficiency and confidence in the water is more achievable.

Our Shop

Progress with your own gear! Our friendly team is happy to help you find the right equipment that suits you.

We have a selection of freediving masks, snorkels, weight belts, nose clips, lanyards, equalization tools, and Leaderfins fiberglass fins with foot pockets of all sizes.

Get your gear and try it out on a dive right after!

Don’t take our word for it


I took the Basic Freediver course with my 13 year old daughter. I had a great experience diving deep with Bing,Tom and Dom! They are extremely professional in both instruction and demonstration and giving tips to improve. You will be amazed at what you can do under their guidance in a short time. Thank you immensely Freedive Boracay

Michael Albano

My cousin convinced me to try freediving and she sent me this place. My diving instructors (Dom & Tom) were very patient and super supportive throughout my dives! Starting to love the ocean because of them. 😀 Can’t wait to bring my sister next year!

Nicole Chua

Highly recommend this place and people. The instructors (Tom and Dom) were so friendly and knowledgeable. Classes are small (we were 2 students with one instructor), perfect for learning and building confidence. Looking forward to coming back!

Charly Yver

Bing is an excellent instructor. Her guidance doesn’t stop after the two-day course. She continues to teach me even after- in fun dives and when I reach out to her randomly outside the dive shop. But what I absolutely love is that she reminds me to always enjoy every dive. Bing demonstrates the kind of hand-holding that makes you feel safe and allows you to trust yourself in the water.

Ilych Mana-ay

We are super thankful to Bing for letting us discover diving bringing only the power of our lungs and breathing. Can’t wait for our little ones to be old enough to be trained by Bing and her amazing duo — Tom and Dom. If you’re ever in Boracay — make sure to take this 2 half-day course. Trust us – it made us appreciate the island and our powerful bodies even more.

Mr. and Mrs. Low

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