Freediving Courses

Apnea Total

Apnea Total is an international freediving organization that provides certifications that are recognized worldwide. Apnea Total upholds the highest standards of freediving safety, instruction, and education and is one of the largest certifying freediving organizations in the world.The Apnea Total way of teaching focuses on the student. Everyone can learn to freedive and your progress underwater isn’t measured by depth, but by your ability to apply techniques, relaxation, and adapt to the underwater environment. No Exams. Just learning by doing in a safe and fun setting.

Freediver Course

Php 16,500

Discover your underwater potential! The Apnea Total Freediver course is a two-day certification program that aims to get students diving comfortably to depths up to 20 meters.

Advanced Freediver

Php 20,500

Take your freediving to the next level with the Apnea Total Advanced Freediver course. This three-day certification program covers advanced techniques in preparation for longer and deeper dives

Master Freediver

Php 51,500

The Apnea Total Master Freediver course is a four-week personalized intensive training program designed to help you build awareness and learn to optimize your freediving skills.


Php 60,000

Turn your passion into a profession! The Apnea Total Instructor course is designed for experienced freedivers who want to start a career in teaching freediving.

Ocean Confidence

Designed for non-swimmers and students with minimal experience in the water, our Ocean Confidence classes get you comfortable and confident in the ocean and open your doors to all the aquatic adventure possibilities that lie ahead.


Php 3,000

Get comfortable and gain confidence in the water with our Ocean Confidence Snorkeling class. Designed for non-swimmers, Snorkeling class covers the important foundations to get you snorkeling on the surface without a life vest.


Php 3,000

Take your snorkeling skills beneath the surface with the Ocean Confidence Skindiving class. Learn how to duck dive and the basic safety points when diving below the surface so you can explore the underwater world a little closer.

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