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Boracay Island

About the Island

Boracay Island has long been the poster destination for the Philippines – and with good reason. Boracay’s four-kilometer-long powdery white sand beach is like no other, and the island’s clear, turquoise-blue waters are irresistibly inviting. And on that note – so are the people. The island has a very close-knit and friendly local community (that is also very international). If you stay for longer, many travelers will find like minds on the island and some make life-long friends.

Boracay is one of the country’s more underrated diving destinations. The island offers an array of different types of dive sites, making it perfect for fun dives and training all levels of divers. 

But aside from diving, why choose to come to this Philippine paradise?

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

Boracay’s White Beach is world-famous, spanning four uninterrupted kilometers of white sand – it’s no surprise people travel from all over the globe to see it. It’s where most of the hotels, restaurants, and bars are located, and where most of the action happens with diving and water activities. Because the beach is so long, everyone has a spot, and you can mingle with the crowds in the action, or wander down the beach to a quieter place to relax and watch the sunset – which no matter what time of year – is always a stunner.

The next most popular beach on the island is Puka Beach – named after the shells that are found on the shore. Puka beach is on Boracay’s northern tip and is a nice quiet spot to relax away from the crowds. The water is also usually clearer on this side of the island.

Diniwid Beach and Ilig-ligilan are a little quieter – and cozier. If you are looking to feel a little more remote or intimate – these beaches are great to visit.

Bulabog Beach is known for kitesurfing, and is now becoming more popular as it is more accessible – and accommodation there is more affordable most of the year. Bulabos is also where diving and most water activities will move to during the monsoon season from July to September.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

Dubbed the center for kiteboarding in Southeast Asia, Boracay is a must-go for kitesurfers and windsurfers – and anyone who wants to get into the sport. Kite season is usually from November through to March, with the strongest wind from December to February. Bulabog Beach is where all the windsport action happens, as it’s a 1.5-kilometer beach, protected by an outer reef. The reef breaks the incoming waves, and creates a massive shallow flatwater lagoon, even with the strongest winds. This makes it perfect for both beginners learning the sports, as well as kitesurfers and windsurfers looking for the best conditions for speed and to practice tricks. Like diving, the wind sports community is very friendly and close – so you might just get invited to a few parties and barbecues.

Live Big or Switch Off

Boracay is an island where you can choose to live in luxury, or tune it all down and still get that island feel. There are endless accommodation options, from larger hotels, all the way to simple bamboo cottages – so there is a place for everyone. Many hotels and resorts also offer monthly rates to guests that want to stay longer and immerse themselves in the island – or make it into their hybrid work-from-home base.

Chill, Party, and Everything In Between

Boracay definitely has a pumping nightlife – and if you like to party, the island doesn’t disappoint. There’s something for everyone – from the chill reggae bars and small speakeasies on the beach for sunset sessions – through to full-on all-nighters that end at sunrise.

However, if nightlife isn’t your scene, the island also has an immense selection of restaurants – many set up by ex-pats, bringing their authentic home cuisine to Boracay.

If bars and restaurants aren’t your thing, there are lots of small local gatherings – like trivia nights, pop-up shops, and day trips – or there is always a spot for you on the quieter ends of the beach to sit, relax, read a book and watch the sun go down.

Always Something To Do

A plus side to Boracay being a popular destination for international and local travelers is that there is always something to do at any time of the year. From parasailing and paddle boarding to island hopping or sunset cruises on the local Paraw sailboats, or even crazy rides on banana boats and jet skis. It’s easy to keep yourself entertained and cross things off 

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