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Molchanovs Wave 1

Become a freediver! The Molchanovs Wave 1 certification is your first step towards exploring freediving as a sport.

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Molchanovs Wave 2

Improve your technique and efficiency as a freediver. The Molchanovs Wave 2 course is for the freediver that want to take their dives to new depths.

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Turn your passion into a profession! The Apnea Total Instructor course is designed for experienced freedivers who want to start a career in teaching freediving.

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Master Freediver

The Apnea Total Master Freediver course is a four-week personalized intensive training program designed to help you build awareness and learn to optimize your freediving skills.

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Advanced Freediver

Take your freediving to the next level with the Apnea Total Advanced Freediver course. This three-day certification program covers advanced techniques in preparation for longer and deeper dives

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Freediver Course

Discover your underwater potential! The Apnea Total Freediver course is a two-day certification program that aims to get students diving comfortably to depths up to 20 meters.

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